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Pilot project
Integration and breaking preconceptions with Spoken Word
This is a pilot project that I hope in the end will be a continuing component of Swedish schools or schools in general. The project aims to increase the understanding for what is called the “other” and breaking the preconceptions that exists in society. By working with art as a tool these work shops will create a platform were people can meet and create togheter guided by professional artists. During the work shops the teenagers will have the opportunity to meet new friend and exchange experiences with each other. The first series of work shops will be using the word as a tool, so the participants will learn how to write their own spoken word poem. In this first series the participance will be pupils from a  upper secondary school and teenagers in the same age who lives in a residential home because they had to come to Sweden by them selfs. There is to goals in this project. One goal is to learn and understand differens and similarities between people and by doing so close the gap between people in society. The other goal is to get art as a practice in to our everyday life and learning how useful art is as a instrument. If you are interested in knowing more on how you/your company can be involved in this project don’t hesitate to contact me.
Nationaldagen 2019
This project aim to establish a new platform for the inhabitats of Uppsala were they all can come togheter and celebrate Swedens national day. Thru music, dans, performance and different artistic expressions this project will create a sort of minifestival were can eat, meet and enjoy ourselves. The main focus with this project is to get people togheter and break the boundaries that society constructs. I believe that it is important to meet people from different backgrounds and with different experiences in life therefore I want to produce this “picknick” festival so that people are given a platform were they can meet new and old friends and togheter celebrate the national day. I think it is important that we not only meet but also enjoy the differences that is a part of Sweden, so my aim is to curate a venu were we can enjoy different sorts of food, music, dances and artistic expressions. Who knows maybe you will leave the celebrations with a new friend, some new favourite food and an interesting culture experience. If you are interested in knowing more on how you/your company can be involved in this project don’t hesitate to contact me.
Kulturnatten 2018
In 2016 1478 people died in suicid, this is far more than the 263 people who died in car accidents in 2016 but even so the government works a lot harder and invest a lot more in safety for people on the roads then what they invest in mental treatments and projects to prevent suicide every year. This year 2018 the governments grant for an organisation called Suicide zero was cut in half.
The decision to produce this installation and performance is both based on this background and on the fact that suicide is still something that most people in Sweden don’t talk about, wether its because of shame, guilt, grief or the fact that it is still a taboo to talk about mental illness in general and even more so about suicide in the public sphere. The outcome of this silence and that we do not invest engnufh in treatments often results into self-medication, self-mutilation and in to many cases death. In effect this also leads to a loneliness for people who experience depressions and are thinking about suicide and also for people who either are worried for their loved once or has lost their loved once in suicide.
With this in mine I want to break the silence and thru art reflect on the consequences that this taboo and lack of investments in treatments leads to. Every person who commits suicide has people around them that after the tragedy strikes has to somehow continue living, in many cases they start self-medicating, self-harming and fall into depression themselves, its like rings on the water.
The performance and installation is produced both in honer of the many people who has lost their life in suicide and also to the loved once who has to go thru the pain and loss that will stay with them forever. The art pice is meant to start a public debate on the subject of suicide and mental illness, and I believe that it is easier for people to grasp the seriousness if we show the facts in not just numbers but in actual people who has been exposed to mental-illness and suicide. Togheter with 1477 people we will perform a pice where we will walk in to a public building and one by one place out our loved once par of shoes. I decided on using shoes as a tool in this work because it is a everyday object and our loved once can no longer be with us everyday, and also because a par of shoos leaves a footprint and that is what these people who are no longer with us have left us with, a footprint of memories. I also think that the statement of this pice will have a greater effect when people see the amount of shoes that will be placed out, its not just a number someone actually wore this shoos, some one that is no longer here. If you are interested in knowing more on how you/your company can be involved in this project don’t hesitate to contact me.