Art projects in collaboration with commercial businesses


Tawiah Art Curating&Consulting offers assistance in building your company's cultural capital and expanding its visual narrative. It could consist of art happenings, art events, art programs, work shops and temporary exhibitions. In collaboration with your company, we produce ideas about what will work best for your company or venue. We will then curate an art platform that is custom-made for you and your customers, so we can ensure an outstanding event.


We provide this service for a wide range of commercial companies for example: hotels, restaurants, office buildings, shopping malls amongst others.

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Art projects


Tawiah Art Curating&Consulting produces its own projects from idea to final result. This includes selection, narrative, concept, text production, space/venue and text production either in collaborations with others or on our own. These projects will varying in size, contents and utterance. Possibilities include art exhibition, installation, art workshop or events.


This service provides a variety of art platforms for communities and municipalities . The motivation behind these art projects is to create platforms for contemporary art in all areas of our society, so that art becomes a part of everyone's life.


Since I'm curating my projects from start to finish in this branch of the company what will be offered to commercial businesses is the opportunity to suport one or more on-going projects. What your company will receive in return will be advertising during the project's duration and the possibility to give something to the community or society that your company is part of. You will find ongoing projects under News.

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Pilot projects


Tawiah Art Curating&Consulting provides assistance directed to country councils, municipalities and government-owned services such as schools, hospitals and residential care homes for youths, elderly and the disabled.


This service mainly focuses on producing art programs and workshops for learning and healing. It consists of pilot projects that aim to strengthen the community just as much as the individual who is participating.


These projects are not intended to be commercial, but rather to bolster our society and the people within it. They are projects that are aiming to brake boundaries and build bridges between people; erasing preconceptions by expanding ones own capacity through art. We believe that by working with art as a tool, we not only learn and expand our minds but we can also heal and grow as people.

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Art Fusion:

The essences of Tawiah Art Curating&Consulting's conceptual platform Art Fusion consists of collaborations between different agents. Its foundation is to expand the context for contemporary art by create new and interesting fusions. The platform intends to establish contemporary art as a sustainable and accessible part throughout all levels of society.


This conceptual platform will proceed over multiple aspects of Tawiah Art Curating&Consulting. 


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