3, 5% will be exhibit on the 21/12, during the short films day 2018

Come and join us at Tegen 2 during the shortest day of the year. We will show four art films created by three artists throughout the evening, and drinks to a great price will be available. Between 17.00-22.00 we can meet up and see and talk art before the Christmas festivities starts.


Tegen 2, Bjurholmsgatan 9B, Södermalm, Stockholm

Title: Exil

Length: 3 min

Directed by: Emma Dominguez

Emma Dominguez Video Exil is an emotional story about betweenship. The work allows the viewer to see the suburb with a different look. A loving look, belonging to the generation that planted its worn out roots in the suburbs concrete. The theme exile is being processed in a contemporary Swedish context a different perspective then the normative, with the suburb and inheritance as a filter. Exil is an experimental short film that moves with image narrative, poetry and haptic perception / view as a method. Through poetry and emotion, Emma Dominguez tries to process the feeling of closeness and longing for a place that is no longer her. The theme of exile, inheritance and trauma is processed in relation to her mother's body and legacy.

We see close-ups of concrete, walls and balconies, close-ups of a mother's skin, hair and eyes, full images of skies, high-rise buildings and cement. A body that touches the walls knows the texture, a face, more close-ups and a voice that talks about a longing and a love declaration to the place.

Title: Waryaa

Length: 4,33min

Directed by: Salad Hilowle

In Salad Hilowles Gävle trilogy: Letter to Sweden, Waryaa and Erinra, he illustrates betweenship and racification by expressing identity, ethnicity and place. During this evening, two of his works in the trilogy will be displayed.

"In a kind of magical documentalism, through a collage of poetic images and voices we get an insight into the experience of young Somali men in Sweden. Waryaa gives a part of their reality and challenges the medias traditional images that we are used to. " - Swedish film database

Title: Brev till Sverige

Length: 7min

Directed by: Salad Hilowle

Letter to Sweden is a poetic depiction of a mother and daughter who exchanges letters. The mother has moved back to Somalia and longs nostalgically for the Sweden she recalls. Her adult daughter lives in Gävle but is not as hopeful about the land as it has become, with racists on the streets.


Title: Det tama och det vita

Length:10 min

Directed by: Shiva Anoushirvanis

Shiva Anoushirvani's film The tame and the white illuminate the racification, through repetitive scenes, investigates the different layers of power concerning gender, status symbols, class and ethnicity.

In the middle of an idyllic stable environment beyond the city, a game of power is taking place between the girls who rides there. The sound of barking dogs is heard in the background. The scenes shifts between the stable and the paddock. In The tame and the white, attributes within the stable and riding school environment are used for talking about the historical and ongoing power relations of society.

The film tells us about structural oppression and the rules of power even outside the walls of the stables. The stable could be any homogeneous environment.

"Here, the social context of the horse world becomes a compelling picture of a global history of unfair power and resource distribution that is still nasty obvious." -Dagens News