Art for your Office

Renting art works for your spaces


Tawiah Art Curating&Consulting provides a rental service, where your company can rent artworks to decorate your space for a defined period.


1. At a first meeting we visit your office.

In a dialogue with you we will be able to get an understanding of your employees, customers and your brand. We will discuss what type of contemporary art will be best suited for your space, for example, abstract, figurative, paintings, sculptures, installations, video works, photos, collages or graffiti.

We will then document your space in the form of photos and ask for blue prints so we can produce different suggestions for you.

We will also need a set price range from you, an estimate of how many works of art you are looking for and in which context they are to be placed. When we have reached an understanding, we will then have the information we need to proceed to the next step.


2. Within one to three weeks we will have a presentation with alternatives for your space.


3. Invoice 

When we have decided on the price and the artworks that are best suited for your space and visual branding, you sign our rental agreement. You will receive invoices once a month and the payment is always a month in advance. The first month's invoice will also include: 

-Providing the perfect artworks for your space



-Dismantling after the set period

-And a written presentation of the artworks and artist as well as an introduction of the art and artists.


4. Prices

Our prices are set from the total value of the art you want to rent and the amount of time you would like to rent it for.

As an example, we can take a middle size rental agreement which would be ten pieces of art with an average of 10 000kr/work and a total value of 100 000kr.

If the customer decides to rent the artworks for four weeks then the rent will be 2.5% per week of the total value, which gives a monthly price of 10 000kr,

eight weeks 2.25% which is a monthly price of 9000kr,

twelve weeks 2% which gives a monthly cost of 8000kr

The price of curating, transport, instalment and consulting will be included in the first invoice.

Benefits of renting art


“A bright creative workspace can make employees more productive, lower stress and increase wellbeing” 


-Rental periods are between 4 to 12 weeks with the possibility of prolonging the agreement.

-Get a subscription so that you get new artworks for your space on a continuous basis or let part of your space have a new exhibition or art-happening every other month.


To rent art work is deductible where as buying art works is seen as an investment and is not.

-Reasonable prices

-Call option

Art often creates interest among employees and customers, therefore our agreements will offer a call option so that interested buyers get a set discount on the artworks.


Tawiah Art Curating&Consulting will tailor the service after your needs. We have the time and the contacts that your business may lack to find the perfect art works for your space. We regularly visit art galleries, art schools and art studios to keep ourselves updated with the most interesting up-coming contemporary artists around the world.

We hope to contribute to your growing interest in contemporary art.