Im an art curator and art historian whose goal is to bring art closer to the people. Key words in my practise is Learning, Building bridges, Coming together, Helping and Democracy.


Ever since I was young, I have been interested in expressing myself through art. It began with writing and drawing before continuing into photography and when I started upper secondary school I decided to focus on this and journalism.


After four years of studies (including one in the UK) I started working full time in hospitality, having neither the money nor the contacts to pursue my dream as an art photographer. During the five years I worked in this area, I also studied at the municipal adult education college in order to improve my grades with the goal of getting into university.

In 2005 I started studying art history at Uppsala University and after one semester there I moved to Gothenburg to continue my studies at Gothenburg University, where I stayed for three semesters. In 2007, I studied art history for one year at Nottingham University in the UK before deciding to take some time off and working and traveling for a year. I returned to Uppsala University where I completed my bachelor degree in art history. In 2010, I commenced studies in art curating at Stockholm University and started working within the art-gallery scene in Stockholm. In 2012, I started the international art-curating program (MA) at Stockholm University and I stayed and worked in Stockholm, both at art galleries and museums, until 2016.


I moved to UK whilst preparing for a move to Ghana where I was working with the contemporary platform ANO. I returned to Sweden in spring 2017 and all my time and energy since then has been devoted to building Tawiah Art Curating&Consulting.

Company background

I decided to start up my own art-curating and consulting company since I felt that some perspectives within the art scene in the western world are missing.


From my own experience, the art scene in the western world is quite exclusive and people who are not from a certain class or in possession of an art education have a tendency to be left out. This is mainly because of the way the exhibitions are curated, written about and whom they are targeting.


Unfortunately the majority of people in power within the stately founded art scene are very homogeneous meaning that perspectives other than the old fashion onse do not get much space within our museums and art galleries.


This is something I would like to change by working with experts with different approaches to the art field and creating newer and more modern platforms for contemporary art, where more people feel included.


To some extent we are still living in the past and set in the old ways when it comes to how we look and work with art in general and contemporary art in particular, and this is something I feel is important to change. I believe that we have to bring perspectives such as post-colonialism, intersectionality and democracy into the art exhibitions, programs and pedagogy if we want more people in our society to interact with art. By doing so we can use art as a way of learning, healing, coming together and expanding our creative minds.


I believe that contemporary art should be a bigger part of our society because through art, we can expand our minds and learn more about the world around us and ourselves. But to be able to widen the narrative for contemporary art we need to include people into the art world or widen the art world by building new platforms that are more inclusive. This we can do by use a language that is accessible and inclusive for people outside the art world and creating spaces where everyone feels welcome to interact on their own preference.


Tawiah Art Curating&Consulting is collaborates with experts from a wide range of genres to make it possible to work on a wider front and to show the importance and strength of working together to create inclusion instead of exclusion. The reson for this is that differences build strength and by learning from each other we can both create something new and open up the contemporary art scene.